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A Statement from Ed Begley Jr.

Dear Friends, On March 28th of this year, I agreed to join my friend Josh Tickell at a meeting, as I was told that my presence would help him secure the financing he needed for a documentary that he was trying to get made. The subject of that documentary was fracking. I was paid no

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‘On Begley Street’ takes Best New Media award at Burbank International Film Festival

Ed’s new Web series claims the Best New Media award at the Burbank International Film Festival. Learn more about the honor.

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‘On Begley Street’ joins evox Television Networks

‘On Begley Street’ finds a home — ev&#333x Television! Get all the details about the launch of Ed’s new Web series.

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Vote for a full season for Ed’s new Web series, ‘Betas’

Amazon Studios has filmed a bunch of pilots — and one of them stars Ed! Check out the pilot for Betas — and when you’re done, be sure to vote and let Amazon know you want to see a full season.

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Fuel-efficient galaxy hailed as ‘the Ed Begley Jr. of galaxies’

The Christian Science Monitor looks at SDSSJ1506+54, a newly discovered galaxy that is “the most fuel-efficient yet.” Or, as the publication has dubbed it, “the Ed Begley Jr. of galaxies.”

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