Ed shares green living tips with the Breakfast Club

Ed shared a number of tips with The Breakfast Club, a radio show on 98.1 WOGL in Philadelphia, earlier this week:

For example, Ed recommended “taking public transportation, riding a bike, starting a vegetable garden, and using cloth napkins instead of paper.”

The Breakfast Club offered their own recommendation: “If you have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, just take showers together!”

Ed agreed. “That’s the best way I’ve ever found to take showers!” he joked.

Scroll down to listen to the interview: “Breakfast Club Interview: America’s Greenest Celebrity Ed Begley Jr.

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  1. Lena says:

    I was wondering if solar roof shingles would be able to produce enough energy without a wind turbine? My husband and I are really considering this but would like to find the smartest way to do it.

  2. Jason Ellis says:

    Hi Ed, I was looking for your recommendations on using a wood burning stove in the home to supplement oil costs. Do you use one? I haven’t found any articles were you reference heating your home. Just found your blog today. Good to know you’re leading by example 🙂